MIT Orchestra

We provide companies with information support with our own ERP system Orchestra, a robust but open system that enables a flexible customisation and integration with third parties’ solutions.

It is a client/server product running on MS SQL Server with the support to mobile work places (warehouse logistics, sales).

With broad scope of features, Orchestra best suites medium and large businesses with demanding business environment. However, its compact simplified version is adapted to fulfil informational requirements as well in smaller companies.

Orchestra comprehensively and completely supports key business processes: accounting and finance, supply chain management, sales, marketing (with CRM), manufacturing, project management, service activities and human resources.

Competitive advantages of MIT Orchestra:

MIT Orchestra MIT informatika IT solutions

• a wide range of users because it is adapted to manufacturing companies of all sizes and industries;
• proven niche solutions for metal, wood and chemical industry, for construction companies, as well as the collection and processing of waste;
• additional solutions round off a comprehensive business support: business intelligence, CRM, document management system, mobile management;
• Available in English, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian – compliance with local regulatory requirements;
• extensive parametrisation enables Orkester to suit customer’s needs individually for each customer;
• additional modules or enhancements are integrated with core and regularly maintained – the customers’ specifics are included into new releases of Orkester;
• version management ensures that the systems in our customer base are under control – in every moment we have an overview who uses which functionality (not only the release of Orkester and version of the individual module contained in the release but as well the specialties: reports, additional modules, interfaces…).

Benefit to our Customers:

All listed advantages of Orchestra together with capability of our development and consultancy team enable fast implementation and best maintenance and support services – in fact we are leading provider in that field.

The scalability of Orchestra and our organisational knowledge and skills ensured that our solutions have grown together with our customers’ business, we are supporting many of our successful clients for almost 30 years.