About us

MIT informatika d.o.o.
Smledniska cesta 140
4000 Kranj

VAT No: 38835843
Registration No: 7049595

Who are we?

MIT informatika d.o.o. is a leading Slovenian provider of ERP systems in different industrial sectors with different type of manufacturing: discrete / process, make to stock / make to order, project oriented production, waste management.

The company has roots in1988 when a group of three programmers started to work together. Over the years, our products and customer base broadened. Today MIT is employing 20 people specialised to provide IT support to business processes.


Why choosing MIT?

Our mission is to provide customers effective and user-friendly applications and on the other hand the up-to-date, complete and accurate information to the management in order to support their decision process.
We help our customers to keep promises made to their partners.
Orchestra provides flexibility – the companies do not have to change their processes that ensure them competitive advantage, MIT will add value by integrating these special solutions into the ERP. Future business plans will not be limited by IT; Orchestra with its scalability will grow with the business needs and will support customer’s ambitions.
Our team understand customers’ business requirements and finds the right IT support for them.
We have good project management skills, so the projects are concluded within time and costs frame.

Our team

The business means people and that is what we are proud of.
Our consultants come from various companies where they gained experience as constructors, accountants, purchasers, planners, head of maintenance… what provides them with a solid knowledge on business processes and the need for their informational support. That ensures MIT the insights in best practises over different industry sectors and enables transfer of know-how throughout our customer base.
Our high-motivated team greatest challenge is to recognise the business needs and to translate them to adequate IT support for our customers.

MIT products and services portfolio

We build information support with our own ERP system Orchestra (Orkester), a robust but open system that enables a great deal of customisation and all kind of integrations with third parties’ solutions.
It is client/server product running on MS SQL Server with the support to mobile working places (warehouse logistics, sales).
With broad scope of features, Orchestra best suites middle to bigger companies. However, its compact simplified version can cover informational requirements as well in smaller companies.
BI@MIT is our version of decision support system based on MS tools Analytical Services and Reporting services. In addition, you can access the data (according to your company security policy) from remote locations with smart phones, iPads…