BI@MIT is our version of decision support system based on MS tools Analytical Services and Reporting services. In addition, the user can access the data (according to company’s security policy) from remote locations with smart phones, iPads…

Management needs a quick and easy insight into the company’s business for the successful conduct.
The system of business intelligence BI@MIT is an effective part of the information system MIT Orchestra which was created on the cutting-edge Microsoft platform. Enables integrated perspective on targets enterprises and understanding of his challenges. In BI@MIT custom reports about the success of the business enterprise are prepared so that management can make important decisions based on concrete data.

Main benefits of business intelligence BI@MIT:


It is simple to use and provides fast results
• Does not allow misinterpretation of information
• Allows tying company strategy into measurable goals and according connects results with strategic goals
• Monitoring and comparison of results with plans
• Making decisions based on the results