Forest & wood management

ERP MIT Orchestra support for the Management of the forests

Company MIT informatika is present in the market from 1990 and has entered the sector of forestry and wood processing in 1998. From that time on we gained a great deal of knowledge and experience on the business processes in that industry. MIT supports the most important players in the sector: SIGD – Slovenian State Forests that is managing Slovenian state owned forests, company Kočevski les d.o.o. a case of a good practice of forestry in local community, Snežnik Kočevska Reka.

Process from the Decision for cutting from the Forests institution to sale of forest-wood assortments
Information support for the companies in the management of the forests sector is ensured by ERP system MIT Orchestra integrated to dedicated application Mobile Wood Manager from our partner company ARTS.
ERP MIT Orchestra is the central system for information support for the companies in forest-wood value chain. Based on input parameters in Orchestra, documents are created and document flow is directed according to the previously determined rules.

Management of the forests

The first input in the ERP system is received Decision for cutting issued by Forests Institution. On the bases of that a Public procurement is conducted to choose the most appropriate contractor – wood cutter and carrier. A contract is signed with the best contractor and entered in ERP with all necessary data for further automatization of the process.

ERP system issues the order for wood harvesting which is then transferred to ARTS Mobile Wood Manager running on the mobile hand terminals. In the forest the actual data is registered on mobile terminals by scanning the bar codes on the marking plates. Each log gets a marking plate before it is loaded on the trucks. Thus, the traceability of wood is provided for the further process of sales and dispatching of the wood.

In MIT Orchestra, all the required data are stored and used for business reports for example records of the harvested wood, dispatch of the wood assortment, invoices to the customers, billing for the wood cutters and carriers.

Reference sites:

Slovenski državni gozdovi SIDG
In Slovenia, the model of management of forests with concessions was proven unsuccessful so with 1. 7. 2016 the new model was adopted.
The main goals of the company Slovenian state forests (SIDG) is multipurpose and sustainable management of the forests in order to maximise the profitability and to enlarge the areal of the state owned forests and the contribute to the development of forest-wood value chains and consequently the revitalisation of the Slovenian wood industry.

Company KOČEVSKI LES d.o.o. epicentre of the sustainable development of the Community of Kočevje
…The role model for other local communities in Slovenia, Europe and the world?

The company Kočevski les (Kočevje Wood) was founded in the spring of 2015 and is a role model of efficient management of national wealth – the woods.
One of the company’s main goals is that the Community of Kočevje owned wood will be processed into added value products in Kočevje region. In that way Kočevski les will play an active role in promotion of creating new jobs.