Waste management industry

MIT Orchestra for Waste management industry

MIT informatika d.o.o. is a leading Slovenian IT supplier to the waste management sector – for collecting and processing the waste. Approximately 75 percent of recyclable waste in Slovenia is handled by MIT Orchestra. Our reference base in the region contains Dinos (group Scholz), Gorenje Surovina, Slopak, Kemis Valjevo, Cleaning System Serbia.

In every company, we have together with the client answered to the questions they all had in common:
• How to control the mass flow in the process of waste collection and processing
• How to obtain daily relevant information to support management’s business decision process
• How to monitor in real time the status of received orders and after executed services adequately and instantly invoice the service

MIT informatika_Waste management
MIT informatika: Waste management

MIT Orchestra offers efficient support for the waste management sector with special solutions:
• taking B2B orders through web application. A client can monitor percentage of completion of whole process
• scheduling of vehicles for waste collection
• integration of electronic scales into the process of receiving waste
• electronic reporting of disposal record sheets to governmental institutions
• managing documentation for recycling process
• inventory tracking by EWC – European Waste Catalogue code
• purchasing of waste from natural persons
• contract management: controlling contract fulfilment
• environmental licences management
• planning costs for removal of the hazardous waste
• monitoring the hazardous waste storage by period

The programme solutions are modular to enable the individual clients to configure the system in accordance to their own business process needs