MIT OrchestraM

Easier business for smaller production companies

MIT OrkesterM is adapted to the specific operations of small manufacturing companies and is therefore in many respects one of the most innovative business information systems in Slovenia.

Rounded business solution
Business Information System MIT OrkesterM combines rounded set of features for comprehensive management of small manufacturing companies. MIT OrkesterM is designed modularly, therefore allows the introduction of individual functionality, according to the requirements of running a middle production company:
• Financial and accounting operations
General ledger, accounts payable /receivable, payment processing, payroll, fixed assets
• Logistics and Commercial
Material accounting, warehouse management, invoicing, sales and purchases management
• Production
Bill of materials, technological operations, work orders, monitoring the preparation and production costs

MIT informatika OrchestraM available in cloud for rent

Easy for the user and management

MIT Orchestra is designed for ease of use. It will speed up routine procedures and simplify administration. Therefore, you can dedicate most of your working time to leading, professional work and income generation.
• Pre-configured business processes, according to the basic type of production
• Guide you through the steps – the most common procedures, users have already prepared workflow
• Simply access to information and functionality the users need
• Documentation is created regularly in electronic form
• Enter data only once, and they are available in different modules
• Business with suppliers and customers can be conducted electronically
• E-business with banks and government agencies (Agency for Business Registers, Tax Administration, …)
• Overview over the current state of execution of tasks and duties
• Access to reports and key information from different mobile devices

Also available in cloud